It was sometime in July before I traveled to Los Angeles that I felt tingling inside of my chest. I wasn’t sure what it was, but I knew it was worth looking into. I made a doctors appointment to further review. I thought it was butterflies fluttering or nerves that I allowed to get the best of me, but I had to know for sure. The doctor asked I touch my toes, nose, and further supposed that maybe quite possibly I swallowed a seed. M Lorden Profile PictureI walked away from that appointment so confused. I eat healthy. I’m sure I swallow seeds all the time and not one made me feel this way. Later that night I prayed about the seed I swallowed hoping the feeling soon passed. God told me, “My dear, you swallowed a seed, a seed that was a dream. A dream that you are now blooming inside of you. You feel uncomfortable because growth is uncomfortable, but the bloom my child is beautiful.”

Here is my prayer for us:

Father forgive us 

For the sins we hold gently in the palms of our hands 

Clutching them safe from your redemption

Mend us and make us whole 

Allow us to remember 

To honor the fragments

For our light still shines through the cracks of what is

And our light still gleams through the seams of what was

Free our hands and never let go

We need to believe in freedom 

We need to believe in freedom 

1985POET, excerpt from RYGR

3 thoughts on “1985POET

  1. Love this blog! So transparent.
    I found out that Papaya seeds, when swallowed whole, they pass through your body acting as a magnet towards various toxins… so helping to remove them when excretion occurs.

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