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Deson Libertad (Spanish Edition) and I Wish For Freedom by author and co-illustrator, Monique Lorden is a poetic picture book that take both children and adults on an amazing adventure of affirming freedom, love, hope, and equality. The message is ageless and timeless. Shared from generation to generation, I Wish For Freedom is sure to live in your hearts and on your bookshelves. 

  • Great book for parents as a conversation starter to discuss freedom and equality with kids
  • Great book for the virtual classroom and school reading lists
  • Great book to discuss friendship, acceptance, empathy, family
  • Great multicultural representation of diversity, inclusion, acceptance, family, and love
  • Great use of onomatopoeias and rhyming
  • Stunning illustrations by Monique Lorden and Ahmad Sabadunya. Bold color quality
  • Great gift and bookshelf must have 

About the Author: New Orleans born and raised, Monique Lorden understands the power of poetry and storytelling. She weaves ancestral rhetoric and proclamations of freedom and revolution into rhyme, verse, and runs. Mother of two and stranger to none, Monique’s poetry feels like kinship. It is a gentle reminder from a family friend that we have overcame and we shall overcome.

Deso Libertad and I Wish For Freedom, are both beautifully and poignantly written. The English and Spanish editions are fun ways to understand and be reminded of what freedom means to you. The message is both timeless and right on time.” Sheryl Grace, Griot, Community Leader 

All 3 books are available online and in store with major retailers. 

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