Ramble Young Girl Ramble is my debut book of poetry. Based on my understanding of revolution and rebirth each page is a play on Muhammad Ali’s Rumble Young Man Rumble. RYGR is a poetic dance of grace and a fight to be heard.

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What an emotional journey and dream I began years ago. What a journey and dream I am still on. From sorting and arranging each poem on my living room floor to my first contract from a large publishing house. Fast forward to years later I decided to create the spaces I see myself in. I opened my very own publishing company. I challenged my tenacity and commitment. I learned I can handle more. I can always handle more. To occasionally revisiting the email folder delicately titled, “Poetry Submission Denials Open With Care” and all the time invested and life lived in between. My life is this book. This book gives me life. My journey is not meant to be rushed. Because just like life and the pages of a good book I desire to live and understand every moment of it.