Revolutionary Rebirth


3 months ago I received a message from someone who said my poetry saved their life. fullsizeoutput_17d9They opened up about their suicidal attempts and thanked my words for saving their life. What a burden to bare. To expect my poetry to be life changing. 3 months ago I spiraled into a depression. I couldn’t understand how my words saved their life when there was a time I didn’t want to live. I felt like a scam, like someone who “sold” love as an attainable thing when I didn’t fully love myself. This all happened the same time as another monumental change. I wanted to stop writing about love and creating from love. Very few people know that I considered suicide. A few years ago my mental health was concerning. I needed a way out. I am blessed to say my family and faith helped save me. Without them knowing, their prayers guided me into deliverance. I found a way out when I rediscovered self love and am still discovering better ways to love myself. In order for me to heal I had to forgive myself for allowing those thoughts to consume me, for not loving myself. I documented my journey to healing and mental health. in the form of a short film and am eager to share my story with you. My first film, 1985 Poet: Revolutionary Rebirth.