Reconnecting To Connect

Artist: Monique Lorden, 1985POET

Instillation Name: Reconnecting To Connect

Date of conception: November 2020

Medium(s): Iron, Electroluminescent wire, Wood, BoPET


Instagram/Twitter: 1985POET

Facebook: Monique Lorden

“Love me like you love New Orleans”, she said hoping her words were poignant enough to birth change, inspire hope, and honor the city she loves. Her expression lingered and lasted beyond her lips. Spoken into the winds they travelled through seeded communities and between jazz notes. Resting on wooden spoons passed down from generations before and nestled in the feathers of your favorite Big Chief, they found ways to reconnect by connecting hearts. “Love me like you love New Orleans”, she said because if we love each other with the love of New Orleans, we will  reconnect by connecting. We will create change, inspire hope, and honor the city we love. Reconnecting to Connect was created with direction and assistance from Consultant, Brandon Moorer.

Brandon Moorer, Design and Fabrication Consultant
Brandon Moorer is a Queens, NY-born and New Orleans-based automotive technician fabricator. With this being his first collaboration, the creation of art for him is a struggle between precision and freestyling, and it’s hard to tell which will prevail in the end. The forgiving nature of metals and the manipulability of wood provide an infinite amount of possibility. The combination of both is where his artistry shines.

Email 1985POET@GMAIL.COM for Reconnecting to Connect exhibit placement and light instillation commissions.

Reconnecting to Connect . Currently exhibited at StudioBE, New Orleans, La.