Processed with Rookie Cam  Her story is already written. She is simply an artist trying to retell it through poetry and visual arts. 1985 uses both mediums as art activism. Her art is bold in message and color. Not only is she a published author, but her visual art was exhibited in Prospect 4 and Femaissance, 2 notable exhibitions in New Orleans, La. In addition, her art is currently exhibited in New Orleans galleries and bookstores.

To practice her calling she attends writing workshops and volunteers at city libraries and schools. 1985 uses her platform to educate youth on the importance of art activism, art history, and art instruction. In addition, 1985 uses her voice to rally for change. She is the creator of the 1985 Love Campaign. This Love Campaign is an annual love demonstration held on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The campaign started small in the city of New Orleans and soon grew worldwide with interest from others to organize a 1985 Love Campaign in Los Angeles, Houston, and Detroit. The 1985 Love Campaign can be explained perfectly in her own words, “Imagine in a society where we are told we don’t matter, that we declare to one another that we are more than being worthy of mattering. We are love. We are hope. We are the past, present, and future. We built this country on the strength of our ancestors and we have their strength. We are resilient. We are brilliant. We are culture. No one has the power to tell us that we simply matter. We are more than a hashtag. We are love and love conquers all.” Be ready for 1985 and others to march the city streets spreading the power of love.