1985 LOVE CAMPAIGN 2017 - 1Her story is already written. She is simply an artist trying to retell it through poetry, film, and visual arts. 1985Poet uses her mediums as art activism. Her art is bold in message and color. Not only is she a published author, but her visual art was exhibited in Prospect 4 and all Femaissance exhibits, all notable exhibitions in New Orleans, La. She continues to expand her message of love by gracing the streets with murals and screens with film. 

To practice her calling she attends writing workshops and volunteers at city libraries and schools. 1985 uses her voice to educate her peers on the importance of art activism and art history. In addition, 1985 uses her voice to rally for change. She is the creator of the 1985 Love Campaign. The 1985 Love Campaign is a heart driven initiative determined to rebuild and restore communities with love.

“You may wonder why I choose to display my cultural pride through my photos, art, and words. It is my responsibility to display our narratives through black womanhood, through the arts, and through different perspectives.” -1985Poet